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Where to buy Sony Rolly?


We often get this question on our Facebook page.

Answer is:

You cannot buy it in any store. Sony Rolly production is Discontinued and you can buy only used Rolly on Ebay, Amazon and other online marketplaces.

We were thinking about making one page on our website where you can find all active sales... but there is only one that we find now days: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-Rolly-Player-Bluetooth-Black/dp/B002IK6ZIQ

The price is quite high (£239.99) because of rareness of device. For all lucky owners of Sony Rolly we created this website with hope that you will participate with motions that you created. Soon we will create some basic tutorials about how to use Sony Rolly and how to use Rolly Choreographer for creating motions.

Enjoy in motions and keep Rolly alive ;)

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  1. Simon Steventon

    I have been looking for a rolly since I first saw one just after the launch back in the day.Tracked one down on Ebay at a good price.Fantastic web site –many thanks for your work on the software for new versions of windows it work great with windows 10 —– keep up the good work Simon

  2. Joel Robert Justiawan

    Dude this was an update when I accessed it this year, 2016. Unfortunately, Amazon reported it that it had already out of stock. Sorry, I hate to tell bad news, but this is the fact 🙁

  3. Hi guys,i was searching google for those who are interested in this little thing i have one that i got a few years ago and turned like 2-3 times and left in corner like that for a while.So as i dont use it why not to make some happy,i want to sell it so if anyone is interested leave reply we will contact eachother 🙂

  4. i want to buy this product when is this available in india market

  5. I want a sony rolly

  6. I have one if anyone is interested in buying one ?

  7. hi guys,
    i’m trying to sell my Rolly.
    perfect conditions, white color.
    ask me if you’re interested!

  8. I live in Toronto, Canada
    I have a SEP-30BT, rarely used, like the new, for a long time useless, once again open the charging and found the right side of a wheel often stopped, I do not want to repair it, I want to sell it, with all the original packaging stuff Like the new one.

  9. I have a Sony rolly SEP-30BT in perfect condition and hardly used, it is no longer being used by myself and has not been for many years now and need to sell as it is lying around. email me if interested.

  10. I have sony rolly for sale pls contack me at my fb acount josephcarlriano ty

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