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SEP-10(50) – How to transfer Mp3 and motion files


Please go to this post first: http://www.sonyrolly.net/sep-10-software-easy-install-windows-10/

Many of you asked how to transfer Mp3 with motions to SEP-10(50) so here it is!

This tutorial is made by Marco Ocram 🙂 .

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Make a donation to Marco Ocram – paypal is: Mad-Max@gmx.ch

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Say THANKS… It will make us smile and know our time wasn’t wasted just knowing someone appreciated the effort we put into making this.

Part 1 – Software that you will need

Step 1

Install VMware Workstation. You can download it from here (or search for version that will work with your OS):


Step 2

You will need Japan version of Windows XP iso file. You can download it from here:


Install VMware Workstation and Windows XP japan version.

You can follow this tutorial for how to install:

Tutorial about install of Japan version of XP:

Step 3

Download Sonic Stage from here:


Download Motion Editor from here:


Download Mp3’s with separate motion files (mtf) for each song (44 songs/sounds included in zip file):


And 4 more Mp3’s with separate motion files (mtf) here:


Part 2 – Songs and Motion Transfer

1. Move zipped sonic stage to root of hard drive c:


2. Expand the zip file


3. Use uniextract to do the job you can also use windows internal zip


4. Start AND finish sonic stage V installation


5. Move Motion Editor to root folder of hard drive c: and install it


6. Open Sonic Stage V


7. Drag & Drop MP3 in the left part


8. Make a new group (right mouse click) if you want


9. Select the mp3 in left part


10. Press Transfer Button


11. select,and drag&drop the transferred file to your prevoriously made group, because sonic stage always make his own group


12. Select the empty group ,right mouse click on (D)


13. Select ( Y ) for delete empty group


14. Close Sonic Stage


15. Fire up motion editor … i make a shortcut to desktop (you have to make a shortcut manually)


16. DOUBLE-Click on the right .motion file in the folder for the mp3 you just added


17. Press ( Y ) on motion editor popup for import


After import;


18. Press arrow down and select (M) from menu to add a motion the highlighted mp3


19. Highlight the rigt motion file you want to add and press ok


20. Finished… you can close motion editor all changes are imedeatly made to rolly



  1. Avatar

    Thank you so much! This solves my issue with motion files on the SEP-50BT. I figured I would have to emulate and OS but was hoping there was a different way around. Great tutorial!

  2. Avatar
    Joel Robert Justiawan

    I didn’t know if people had a problem with such a SEP-10BT or SEP-50BT. worse I don’t have any of those, (yet or not at all). but thanks for this tutorial. We can use this later in case one of our comrades had an experiment with this least known treasure from Sony.

  3. Avatar

    I just cant install Sonic Stage and Move motion editor. I got errors when i tried to install it.
    I dont know what the errors are about because it is in japanese =(

    • Avatar

      You will need steps from – Part 1 – Software that you will need. you can not install on eng windows versions

  4. Avatar
    Darren Mc Shane

    Hello guys, could you help me out with the installing, Xp is up and running but as soon as I try installing sonic stage the errors appear, and when I tried installing Sony motion it brings me to a Japanese web page for a updated sonic stage v6

    • Avatar

      Did you install japan version of windows xp?

      • Avatar
        Darren Mc Shane

        Yip sure did, flippin busting to get this up and running lol I know this might be much to ask but could you or would you try A full install vid right the whole way though just to make sure, what I’m getting at too is, when’s the last time you’ve done it, could the software be dated, sonic won’t install & motion keeps bringing me to a Sony page for what I think is somekind of up date??? Me mucker had a bash on his own pc and is having the same problem.

  5. Avatar

    I just got a turkey
    except list
    lively song I would appreciate it if you could send e mail ilker.nalbant@hotmail.com

  6. Avatar

    Hi There. First on JAPAN XP
    you have to install sonic stage 5.1 i mad a Folder in ROOT C, like C:\SS51 and put all files there then started setup of SONIC STAGE 5.1

    If you install Team Viewer i can help you via Team Viewer Session,
    Once youre Installed you can contact me in Skype at Iam2fast4u2catch <—Skype ID

    Greets from Switzerland

  7. Avatar

    Hello Marco!
    Thanks for what you are doing!
    I’ve bought SEP-30BT as NY’17 present for my son. It works fine via BT, but I fail to download or play music from internal memory 🙁
    I manage to install XP_JAP but SSV does’t run and even when I connect rolly via USB computer starts to initialise it and looks like rolly hangs and only after reset button it becomes alive.
    Is your tutorial applicable for Sep-30?
    Can you find time to help us (team viewer)?

    Thank you!

  8. Avatar

    I finally made it, it’s working now but it dances only for a short time, like 20 secs, then it shows a red light and it stop dancing (but the music keep playing).

    • Avatar

      Make sure BOTH Rolly Wheel’s can turn easy with NO hard click sounds between the turns.
      If it makes Click sound this can be an indicate to a dropped roll and broken Drive Ring (deep inside rolly)..

      if you talked about the SEP-10/50 you can make using Test pattern in Motion Editor for test whats going to Failure, like Rolly’s Arm / the Drive Gears.

      For Sep-30BT you can use the Orginal Software: https://mega.nz/#!oQUTFQ4I!AmsrAD90TEq_Q0lYXlrxwyrdnEOuXEYzoR9OW6iL-mU

      There you can also make Test Pattern Moves for each Part of the Rolly with let’s you easy find ou what’s going to failure.

      The Mp3 the Webmaster uploaded here have INTEGRATED Move files (Only dedectable by SEP-30 Orginal editor and editor for Newer version of windows).

      i can help via Teamviewer.

      for anyone need my Help contact me on Skype: iam2fast4u2catch
      E-Mail: Mad-Max@gmx.ch

      Kind Regards M.L

  9. Avatar

    Hello having a problem with Sony sep-10bt.
    Cant install MotionEditor.
    Doing everything step by step exactly like you showed in tutorial, but keep geting errors. Motion Editor installer directs me to Sony X-Application download page, but this Sony X-Application don’t have motion transfer functions.
    Transfered music with X-Application but still can’t transfer motions to my SEP-10bt, please help me to solve this problem.
    Thank you in advance for your help and support!

  10. Avatar

    Have a problem in installing MotionEditor, installer directs me to sony x-application download page which has no functions to transfer motion files. Is there a way to transfer motion files nowadays?

  11. Avatar

    Hello my rolly is moving on the right side does not move on the left side is dancing the red light is on and stops please help me in turkey no one can do this mail address ilker.nalbant@hotmail.com

  12. Avatar

    The motion editor is not detecting my rolly when connecting to my pc 🙁

  13. Avatar

    Ughhh I’ve gotten this far..if I had known it would be this impossible for a simple person like me I’d never get one..I’ve got a Sep-10bt and Ive installed all software needed which is now running. I cannot figure out how to install anything to windows xp pro JP..how do I get sonic stage on there along with motion editor? If I cant get help then I have a $250 brick!!! Please and thank you!!!!

    Email is Aleks.yatskevich@gmail.com

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