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SEP-10 Software Easy Install on Windows 10

We have solution for installing Motion Editor 1.1 and Sonic Stage 5 on Windows 10 64bit version thanx to Alex Galamdinov freelancer from Russia.

Thanks Options:

  • donate to Alex Galamdinov on his paypal atomtxt@gmail.com
  • hire Alex Galamdinov if you need help with programming and software solutions: https://www.freelancer.com/u/bbkuser.html?ref_project_id=14432294
  • Say THANKS 🙂

I dont’t have much time to finish video tutorial so here is tutorial and explanation from Alex:


Software and links:

  1. Sonic Storage 5.1 http://www.sonyrolly.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/SonicStage-5.1.zip
  2. Motion Editor http://www.sonyrolly.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/MotionEditor11Installer.zip
  3. WinAPIOverride http://jacquelin.potier.free.fr/exe/winapioverride32_bin.zip
  4. FakeApi.dll – CLICK HERE to download


  1. Install Sonic Storage

– make sure that MS Windows Media Player is installed and configured (search -> “Windows Media” ->run)

– unpack “SonicStage-5.1.zip”

– run “\SonicStage5.1-ha\Ssv-5.1-PA-DL\Common\OpenMG\setup.exe” to install OpenMG

– run “\SonicStage5.1-ha\Ssv-5.1-PA-DL\SonicStage\Japanese\setup.exe” (I’m not sure if that step is needed)

– run  “\SonicStage5.1-ha\SonicStage.exe”

– restart Windows

If there is some problem while installing you will get message box with error description in Japanese. Click on header of message box to set focus on and press Ctr+C to copy message to clipboard. Then paste it to google translator. You will get some error after restart but just close it and run sonic stage again.

  1. Install Motion Editor

– unpack MotionEditor11Installer.zip

– unpack “winapioverride32_bin.zip”

– run “WinAPIOverride64.exe”

– press “…” button and select path for “MotionEditor11Installer.exe”:

– press green button to run and hook installer:

– press “…” button and select path for “FakeApi.dll”:

– press “Load” button to load “FakeApi.dll”:

– press “Resume” button into popup window:

– complete install wizard steps

– restart windows

After that try to use part of this tutorial for transfering songs and motion files:

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  1. Avatar

    so… How do we change language on SonicStage??? Can’t read japanese!!!!!

  2. Avatar
    Saif k. Al Mehairbi

    when I run “WinAPIOverride64.exe” it ask me for a register and order key, which I don’t have !!
    I reached to this point and stuck.

    Also, my pc doesn’t recognize the rolly when hook the cable !!

    any assistant pls.

    Thank you.

  3. Avatar
    Saif k. Al Mehairbi

    Sorry for that.
    I have win 10. and doesn’t recognize in Rolly Choreographer, status shows disconnected.

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