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Free Downloads For Sony Rolly


Visit our Download page for Sony Rolly and download music files with motion for free. For now we have 34 files, with time we will update list. All files are compressed in .rar so you will need WinRAR archiver to extract them. You can download WinRAR archiver from this link for free. *.mtf motion files are included in *.mp3.

Enjoy in motions and keep Rolly alive 😉

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    looking for original sample music and sound effects as a file download

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      Joel Robert Justiawan

      I think there’s only one. ‘Music is Language’ is available on that download list. If I mention the wrong song, I’m sorry about that.
      Then there should be 2 test songs about SFX that are not yet appearing yet or already, which consists of:
      – Car, Whoosh, Train howl, Train on rail, Helicopter, Heavy whistle followed by impact
      – Inside the future plane was landing, Droplet then rain, Tennis, Musicbox

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    Hi, I’m just wondering what Winrar to download? I have Windows 10 64 bit thx

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    Btw I see the motion files and I downloaded to my computer but I can’t access the songs on the dropdown list in choreographer. Sorry guys I am not a computer guy lol. Just trying to get the songs back on my Rolly (separate 30) any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Correction (SEP-30)

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