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English version of Rolly Motion Editor

Thanks to Eric Thommerot we now have translation of Japanese Motion Editor to English!

If you want you can make donation for his work on his paypal account:  ethommerot@hotmail.com

Or say THANKS… It will make us smile and know our time wasn’t wasted just knowing someone appreciated the effort we put into making this.

Click here to download files

The original Motion Editor must be installed using the method given using the fake.dll prior to this package manual installation!

Unzip the zip file (password rolly) into any folder of your hard drive. Copy/Paste the files from the created folder into the Motion Editor folder
(if you’ve used the default installation it should be into : C:\Program Files\Sony\Motion Editor).

A confirmation message might appear asking of you want to overwrite MotionEditor.exe, make sure you answer “Yes” or confirm you want to overwrite it.

I have left a copy of the original executable, just in case (called MotionEditor – Copy.exe).

Now you can start the Motion Editor using the shortcut on your desktop of application menu and Enjoy…

Screenshot of translated Motion Editor:

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    Great!!! THANK YOU!

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    Thank you. I’m so happy that we can get sources for our little robots here.

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    the code execution cannot proceed because EsOmgLocker.dll was not found. reinstalling this program might fix this ?? any idead why i get this message ?

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