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Downloads for Sony Rolly


These are the songs with motion for Sony Rolly that we have for now. List will be updated as we get more motion files.

New files added on 24.12.2020 have black download button!!!

New files added on 25.1.2020 have green download button!!!

New files added on 23.3.2016 have red download button!!! Thanx to Dozzer 🙂

For SEP-10/50 owners here is tutorial:


For SEP-10/50 download Mp3’s with separate motion files (mtf) for each song:



Click to download:

Download ABBA – Dancing Queen

Download Alicia Keys – No One

Download Avril Lavigne -Girlfriend

Download Avril Lavigne – The Best Damn Thing

Download Beyonce – Crazy in Love

Download Calvin Harris – Acceptable In The 80s

Download Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On

Download Cristina Aguilera – Aint no other man

Download Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Download De De Mouse – Light Night Dance Shinici Osawa Remix

Download Del Shannon – Runaway

Download Earth Wind Fire – September

Download Earth, Wind & Fire – Let’s groove

Download Earth, Wind & Fire – Boogie wonderland

Download Emiri Miyamoto – Le premier amour

Download Exile – LAST CHRISTMAS (日本語カヴァー)

Download FloRida Ft. Kesha – Right Round

Download Foo Fighters – The Pretender 

Download Gipsy Kings – Volare

Download Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

Download Gwen Stefani – Wind It Up

Download Hasta la vista baby

Download Jimi Hendrix – Fire

Download John & Yoko Plastic Ono Band – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Download Journey – Open Arms

Download Justin Timberlake – SexyBack

Download Katy Perry – Hot N Cold

Download Kenny Logins – Footloose

Download Knock knock knock Penny

Download Lady GaGa – Bad Romance

Download Madonna – Hung Up

Download Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Download Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You 2

Download Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

Download Michael Jackson – Beat It

Download Michael Jackson – BillieJean

Download Michael Jackson – Thriller

Download Music’s A Language

Download Richard Strauss – Also Sprach Zarathustra

Download Ricky Martin – Livin’ la Vida Loca

Download Scenario Rock – Skitzo Dancer

Download Shakira – Hips Dont Lie Ft. Wyclef Jean

Download Sound Effects -Traffic_Animal_Wave-

Download T-Square – Truth

Download The Bangles -Eternal Flame

Download The Clash – I Fought The Law

Download The Commodores – Machine Gun

Download The Doobie Brothers – China Grove

Download The Nolans – I’m In The Mood For Dancing

Download The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

Download ToTo – Africa

Download Yolanda Be Cool – We No Speak Americano

Download Yui CHE.R.RY


  1. Avatar

    Perfectly, thank you!!!

  2. Avatar

    Could you please upload the demo songs too? Thanks~~
    I was looking for them for long time after I formatted my Rolly accidentally.

  3. Avatar

    found them in these 34 files. Thanks!!!
    They are perfect!!!

  4. Avatar

    I’m 99% sure I have some motion files I can share back… There is a few here I didn’t have, but none of them have motion files included… every RAR file only contains a single mp3. I even tried using WinRAR instead of 7zip (7zip is so much nicer… WinRAR is kinda like an old ex that used to be cool but now is just a naggy b!%@#)… I would have been really surprised if that was the problem though anyway.. but I tried it.. regardless.. no motion.. just MP3

    I sent you an e-mail directly if you want to hit me back……Btw. I need to get another copy of choreographer if you can help with that.

    (I have a few rolly videos on youtube too.. )


  5. Avatar


    just found an old Rolly and would like to reactivate it. The MP3-files from above are not working. Any hint on how I can have it dance again? Thanks, Chris

    • Avatar

      Can you check what version of Rolly you have? sep-10 or sep-30?..you know that you need to press 2 quick times play button on Rolly to dance?

  6. Avatar

    Thanks a lot ! ! !

  7. Avatar

    Is there a way to transfer music on a rolly using a mac computer?

    • Avatar

      I don’t know..maybe there is some sony software for their music players that have mac versions and can work for rolly. I know for sony SonicStage but it can only be used with rolly SEP-10BT versions of rolly

  8. Avatar

    I’m new to this since I just picked up a rolly. How do you transfer these files to the rolly?

  9. Avatar

    D’abord merci pour ce site et merci pour tous ces musique et mouvements ^^

    Salut Dozzer si tu as d’autres fichiers que ceux présent sur cette page peux tu me les transmettes Chris0104@free.fr

    Merci par avance

  10. Avatar

    Hi everyone! do you guys have anymore motion songs files?

  11. Avatar

    Could you please upload the demo songs too?

  12. Avatar

    Merco beaucoup, thank you very much !!!!!

  13. Avatar

    I’m interested in buying one , there is someone here interested in selling your Sony Rolly ?

  14. Avatar

    Thank U so much. I bought a rolly but it was empty.
    So… Thank you again

  15. Avatar

    Hi. I`ve jst got one 🙂 Fantastic toy 🙂 Dozzer can you send me mp3 with dance please ? If you can that will be grate .
    My email : ask.plastics@yahoo.com

    Many Thanks

  16. Avatar

    Спасибо! вся музыка работает, а еще загрузите музыку с движением!

  17. Avatar

    Загрузите еще музыку с движением. СПАСИБО!

  18. Avatar
    Evgeniy Alekseev

    Пожалуйста выложите еще музыку с движением! СПАСИБО!

  19. Avatar

    Выложите еще музыки сдвижением. Спасибо!

  20. Avatar

    еще выложите музыку с движением! пожалуйста!!!

  21. Avatar

    Hey everyone any idea where I can obtain more motion songs?

  22. Avatar

    Thank you for the uploads! Does anyone know a workaround to get a Japanese SEP-50BT Rolly to work on an English version of Windows? Is there any work around? I made the dance for the Flo Rida song and I had lost the motion file so thank you to whoever had a copy and shared it! It took me like 6 hours to make that :p

  23. Avatar

    Dude, this is just awesome! Just stumbled across this site after finding my trusty Rolly tucked away for years. Going to enjoy it again, thanks for this site! 🙂

  24. Avatar

    how do you add the downloads to rolly thanks

  25. Avatar

    and looking for original sample music for sep 30 e.g 2001 sound effects with motion thanks

  26. Avatar

    I also need help with a japanese Rolly. I have the SEP-10BT version and I wasnt able to connect to Choreographer or Remote.

  27. Avatar

    Hi ! Just got my black sep-30BT ! Many thanks for these beautiful motion songs!

  28. Avatar
    Joel Robert Justiawan

    Honestly I don’t have Sony Rolly yet or not at all. but due to the urgency caused by regional irony (I live in Indonesia, unfortunately they (Sony Rolly) are not touching Indonesia at all and I discovered the topic about Rolly back in 2010 or ’13. Still it’s hard to find), you’ve helped me so much! We are now having these all these refference that we are also fans. Sorry, but getting curious. Anyway, thanks a lot! I also able to collect them to make us remember 😉

  29. Avatar

    Could you give me a Christmas Carol ! ! ?

  30. Avatar

    i like it thank you from Russia

  31. Avatar

    Can somebody help me I have a sep-10BT and I have just formatted it using windows 10 as the rolly choreographer wouldn’t recognize it but now the Rolly needs the files for it that come on it too work properly I think do u have these files please or what can I do??? Rolly Choreographer still doesn’t recognize it either as it needs calibrating too. Please can u help me a could u get back too me ASAP with an answer or something??? Thanks A Lot Chris… chrissecker38@msn.com

  32. Avatar

    Thanks for this fresh update for my Rolly.

  33. Avatar

    Thanks! 4U! I am Happy

  34. Avatar
    christian Schweibl

    first respect for the cool side.
    how can i get the songs with moves in mp3?
    my e-mail would be c.schweibl@googlemail.com

    I would be happy to hear something.

  35. Avatar

    My Rolly stop dancing after some seconds….in all musics, and red light on 🙁
    I reset but not working

    Any idea?


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