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Join us in the creation of this website for Sony Rolly


We would like to invite you to take part in creation of this website.

Contact us on sonyrollynet@gmail.com if you are owner of Sony Rolly and have any knowledge about:

  • creating motions for Sony Rolly,
  • creating video tutorials,
  • creating videos of Sony Rolly,
  • adding content to word press site,
  • writing articles about Sony Rolly and everything related to it.

Also if you have any ideas how to improve this website or any other ideas that are related to Sony Rolly fell free to contact us on this email: sonyrollynet@gmail.com

Enjoy in motions and keep Rolly alive ;)

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  1. Avatar

    Can anyone put up a link to someone that is selling some parts and other cosmetic parts for the rolly. Thanks and have a great weekend

  2. Avatar

    I have three Sony Rollys, two SEP-30BTs and one Pink SEP-50BT that does not seem to work with the English version of Rolly Choreographer. Is there any way around this?

  3. Avatar

    hello my rolly dancing play and red lamp stop ı dont know what is this my mail adress ilker.nalbant@hotmail.com

  4. Avatar

    My white rolly danced off a desk…and landed on the floor with a thump…now she aint dancing so well… i took her apart and there are teeth missing from the big toothed wheel…i am therefore wondering if anyone knows of a repair centre or where i can get parts to repair my favourite little speaker

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