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English version of Rolly Motion Editor

Thanks to Eric Thommerot we now have translation of Japanese Motion Editor to English! If you want you can make donation for his work on his paypal account:  ethommerot@hotmail.com Or say THANKS… It will make us smile and know our time wasn’t wasted just knowing someone appreciated the effort we put into making ...

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SEP-10 Software Easy Install on Windows 10

We have solution for installing Motion Editor 1.1 and Sonic Stage 5 on Windows 10 64bit version thanx to Alex Galamdinov freelancer from Russia. Thanks Options: donate to Alex Galamdinov on his paypal atomtxt@gmail.com hire Alex Galamdinov if you need help with programming and software solutions: https://www.freelancer.com/u/bbkuser.html?ref_project_id=14432294 Say THANKS 🙂 ...

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SEP-10(50) – How to transfer Mp3 and motion files

Please go to this post first: http://www.sonyrolly.net/sep-10-software-easy-install-windows-10/ Many of you asked how to transfer Mp3 with motions to SEP-10(50) so here it is! This tutorial is made by Marco Ocram 🙂 . Thanks Option #1 Make a donation to Marco Ocram – paypal is: Mad-Max@gmx.ch Thanks Option #2 Say THANKS… It ...

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Fixed Sony Rolly Software for New Versions of Windows

This version of Sony Rolly software has been fixed to work on new versions of Windows. Created by Richard Graver You can download ISO image of fixed software from link below:   – Fixed Sony Rolly Choreographer CD Here is Readme.txt from ISO:   Wow.. this CD actually works.. How? ...

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Join us in the creation of this website for Sony Rolly

We would like to invite you to take part in creation of this website. Contact us on sonyrollynet@gmail.com if you are owner of Sony Rolly and have any knowledge about: creating motions for Sony Rolly, creating video tutorials, creating videos of Sony Rolly, adding content to word press site, writing ...

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Where to buy Sony Rolly?

We often get this question on our Facebook page. Answer is: You cannot buy it in any store. Sony Rolly production is Discontinued and you can buy only used Rolly on Ebay, Amazon and other online marketplaces. We were thinking about making one page on our website where you can ...

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Free Downloads For Sony Rolly

Visit our Download page for Sony Rolly and download music files with motion for free. For now we have 34 files, with time we will update list. All files are compressed in .rar so you will need WinRAR archiver to extract them. You can download WinRAR archiver from this link ...

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